Give Your Cold the Beat Down

It is inevitable to not get sick. At some point during the year you will get the flu, common cold, sinus infection, or some type of stomach virus. Can you really prevent an illness? If you practice healthy hygiene, keep your nutrition on point, you can minimize your chances of getting sick by a great amount. We all know to wash our hands frequently, get our vitamin C in and keep the body active. What happens when you finally succumb to a cold or flu? Well, if it's the flu please go see your practitioner. If you feel like you are coming down with the common cold, this blog will help give it the beat down before it knocks you out (or at least help you recover quicker)!


Drink plenty of water! It's very important to keep your body hydrated, especially when you are coming down with a cold. Drink plenty of hot fluids such a tea because not only does it break up secretions in the chest and expel all that nasty stuff, It also helps to ease cold symptoms.  Sometimes I actually pass on the tea and just drink hot water with a squeezed lemon wedge. Lemon is high in vitamin C, it contains citric acid which helps break up mucus and it's a natural antiseptic; so it will help kill off bacteria. 

Get your shots

I don't mean the flu shot. I am talking about powerful and antioxidant rich wellness shots! You can pretty much find these "wellness" shots in any juice store or in the cold case at a local deli and supermarket. I am a huge fan of Pressed Juicery's 2 oz Vitality shots and Wellness shots. The moment I feel like I am coming down with something, I load up on these babies! I aim for three a day to try to prevent my cold from getting worse. I like to have two vitality shots and one wellness shot through out the day. These shots are made with powerhouse spices like turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper that really do the body good! 

My own personal favorite that I swear by is my apple cider vinegar and oil of oregano blend. I take this in the morning before breakfast and right before bed. Apple cider vinegar is a staple in my house, so you will always find it in my refrigerator. I prefer Bragg organic ACV with mother, mother is the cloudy stuff you see at the bottom of the bottle. Mother contains beneficial bacteria that helps boost immunity. ACV contains potassium which helps thin mucus, so if your stuffy and congested, this may help!

Oil of oregano is another favorite of mine. This herb has so many over-looked benefits especially when it comes to fighting off sickness. Oil of oregano contains two powerful compounds- Carvacrol and Thymol which are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (like raw honey). It's great to use against sinus infections (I should know this because I am prone to them), sometimes it is used as an antibiotic alternative.

* Make my ACV and Oil of Oregano shot- 1/2 oz water, 1 oz ACV and 4 drops of oil of oregano, swirl around and take the shot!


This is the most ignored piece of advice. The moment you feel like your coming down with something is when your body needs all the energy it can get to fight off whatever it is trying to take you down. This is the most crucial time to rest up, conserve energy and let your body go to work on making you well. If you can spend the day resting and sleeping, great! if you are not able to take a day off of work to recoup, just take it easy that day. Do not go to the gym! The gym is a breeding ground for germs; why would you compromise your immune system even more? it's in a weakened state, don't make things worse by giving your immune system extra things to fight off. One to two days of rest can make a huge difference!


Unfortunately when we are sick we have lose our appetite and don't pay much mind to what we are eating during this time. My go to foods when I am sick are citrus fruits for their vitamin C, I absolutely love clementines. I like to have a serving of nuts for the healthy fats, Chicken soup because lets be honest it's just magical and comforting. I always make sure I have my veggies. I love nibbling on carrots instead of crackers. I make sure I get a serving of dark leafy greens and lots of avocados- they are high in potassium (remember potassium breaks up mucus). When you are battling the oncoming of a cold, load up on the protein, chill out on the grains. Avoid all processed foods, especially items high in sugar. Sugar feeds illness, so when your sick this is not the time to be guzzling orange juice (have the real orange instead) or indulging in breads and sweets. 

Give the cold a beat down!