Do Not Give Up

To the person who will be making a New Years resolution,


We all make special resolutions in the coming new year. Starting January 1st, you and millions of other people are making a promise to get back into shape. To work off all the champagne you popped, cookies you enjoyed, and other treats you got your fingers on. You feel like you really over did it this year. You are making a promise to try to stay committed, do something new, and become a better version of yourself. You are making big changes  and are diving in head first on January 1st: cutting out sugar completely, going ham in the gym, and squatting until you throw up.  You are going to follow every "fitspo" page on Instagram for motivation. After about 5 weeks, you give up and have had enough. Do not give up. Do not try to do everything at once. On January 1st, do start working on being a better you. Do try your best everyday to stick to better nutrition and tough workouts. Do follow Instagram pages while being mindful that most of what you see isn't real. 

Many of the "regular" gym goers are going to talk shit, mock you, tell you that you're just going to give up in a month. They will post memes about the crowded gyms during this time and blame you for taking up “their” machines. They will try to demotivate your efforts. As inconsistent gym-goer, maybe even a first-timer, they know you are scared because this is a unfamiliar world for you. This is the time of year when you feel like the new kid at school. You are going to feel overwhelmed by the gym equipment and may not know exactly what to do. Instead of getting flustered, before you begin to think this isn't for you, ask a trainer to help you, it's ok. Ease your way into it. Don't try to hit every single body part everyday and pound away on the treadmill.  At first, going ham and "training insane" is not a good look. Instead, it is a sure way to burn out quickly, or, even worse, you may end up getting injured. Train smart. Have a workout plan of action in mind. Do not give up.

At times, you are going to feel super high on your progress. These highs will keep you going, fuel your workouts, and keep garbage out of your mouth. No way would you want to cheat on your fitness with how you have been feeling! You are also going to experience lows that will make you want to quit working out because you're so damn tired and feel like what you are doing is a waste. You are going to want to eat all the junk in your way and have four glasses of wine instead of one. Work will get in the way, if it is not work then there will be other excuses to skip the gym. You’re just not feeling it anymore. Maybe you’re even bored. Do not give up.

This year is the year that you decided to make a change. This is YOUR year so treat it as such! If you are making the conscious effort to begin, down the road when you start to hit the bumps, do not forget why you started. Do not let us regulars deter you from reaching your goals. You have the same right to be at the gym as any one of us. Do not let your mind tell you to give up. Do not let your mind tell you that you can't do it. Silence that bitch and keep going. Fitness and nutrition is MIND OVER MATTER!

Stick to a wholesome diet, choose fresh fruits and veggies, nourish your body with food, and nourish your soul with a good ass workout. Do not fall into the detox hype. Do not fall into a fad diet. If you eat real wholesome foods and have balanced meals, you'll be good to go. Try different workouts that will keep you engaged! If you become bored, you will quit. Find ways to keep the "spark" alive. Sleep a decent amount of hours and hydrate well. Do not give up.

2017 is just around the corner. Make your goals a priority and, most importantly, stick to them. You can do it. Get the confidence you want, the body you want, and feel amazing! 2017 will be a good year, it will be YOUR year.