GMO or Nah?



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Look an apple! I mean, it is an apple, it looks like one, it smells like one and it even tastes like one, so I am safe to munch away. It is an apple- However, apples bruise over time. Nature takes its course and the fruit turns brown as soon as it touches oxygen. Apples don't last that long before they begin to go bad. The Arctic Apple, which is genetically engineered, has just been released to the public and it does not turn brown when cut. It takes about three weeks for this apple to actually begin to go bad. How on earth did they create an apple that has an extended shelf life and goes against mother nature?

First, lets discuss what GMO means and how scientists came to create the Arctic apple. GMO's are genetically modified organisms. These foods are lab created by splicing genes and DNA of bacterium, viruses, animals and plants, and then combining them with other genes to make a "better" product. In the case of the Arctic apple, they didn't add any other genes. Scientists actually turned "off" the gene that causes the browning of apples.  Would I eat this franken-apple? Absolutely fucking not! As my clients will tell you, I find engineered foods like this repulsive and try to steer clear of all GMO foods.

Unlike the Artic apple, an example of a typical GMO food that uses gene splicing would be GMO salmon created by AquaBounty. It's an Atlantic salmon with the genes of both pacific salmon and eel. Honestly, at this point, can this fish even be considered salmon when it contains genes from an eel? That is like breeding a German Shepard and a Husky, which is considered a mutt. You wouldn't call it a German Shepard or a Husky alone. That being said, this is the first animal to be genetically engineered for consumption. You are probably saying to yourself, don't put me down for the engineered fish, I’m not eating that! The scary part is, you wouldn't even know if you were because it is not labeled. The good news is this fish won’t be hitting our supermarkets for a long time due to raising adequate amounts of this fish first. In the meantime, do your homework on the fish fraud that is currently on our supermarket shelves.

Now that we know what the basics of GMO's are, lets understand the vast amount of harm they can do to our wonderful bodies. GMOs may seem harmless. If we can eat it, it's safe, right? Nope. Not true! The truth is, there are some serious health risks involved with consuming GMO foods. The research that you find claiming that GMO's are safe are not only biased, but also performed by the companies themselves and not third parties. Of course they will conclude that it is safe for consumption.

Independent and third party studies have shown that GMO foods cause allergens, gastrointestinal problems, immune deficiencies, antibiotic resistance, organ and neurological damage, and infertility. In various studies, rats fed GMO foods not only died but also had damaged red blood cells and tumors. After consuming GMO food, toxic particles are left inside of us that do not go away. Our bodies absorb everything. Think of your fat tissue as a sponge. With every new engineered product that is released, our population is growing more ill. The number of gastrointestinal disease diagnoses is directly correlated with GMO production. As more GMO products hit the shelves, more people suffer from gastrointestinal diseases. Celiac and gluten intolerance has risen and has been linked to GMO's and pesticides. Also, the nutritional content of GMO foods is different. After the food goes through DNA splicing and the genes are turned on and off, it may be missing something such as a mineral or vitamin. 

Food companies have made it hard for consumers to know if they are getting genetically modified ingredients in their products. There is no clear labeling unless a company voluntarily labels it GMO-free or non-GMO. So far, there are 64 countries that label engineered food and the USA and Canada are not among them. Our government and the food industry is so tight lipped about engineered food that they fire, threaten, and defund scientists who are against or find evidence that GMOs are not safe. Scientists who try to bring attention to the dangers of engineering food are always quickly shut down or threatened. Most books that I have read always begin with the writer explaining the buy outs and threats they have received if they went through with the book. So many food companies will sell their souls to the devil before they let you know what they really use in their products. Just read Food Forensics.

To ensure you are getting REAL fruits and vegetables, it is best to choose organic. Buying organic has many benefits aside from buying the "frankenversion" of your food item. Buying organic reduces your intake of harmful pesticides like RoundUp, which increases your risk of developing lymphoma.  Roundup also kills the good bacteria in your gut, so if you are suffering from GI distress, it is time to switch to organic. Also, be aware of common buzzwords used in advertising such as "natural", which does not guarantee that the product is non-GMO. Choose organic grass-fed meats. Farmers will feed their livestock anything to beef them up. A typical diet for livestock is usually corn and soy which are the top GMO foods and HEAVILY sprayed with pesticides. Also shop for foods that are verified by the non-GMO project! Please pay a visit to their website and stay educated and healthy!