As a Health coach,  I coach people on starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I help people change their lives by educating them on the importance of food choices, meal timing, food ingredients and holding them accountable to help reach their goals. I strongly believe balance is necessary to stay on track, I believe in a wholesome diet with room to indulge. To me, healthy is not a trend or a fad, it is a lifestyle. I work individually with each of my clients to adapt a healthy lifestyle seamlessly without going on crazy clean eating binges, falling off the wagon and landing in a box of donuts. I am also there to talk you off the ledge from blowing your diet, and help keep that fire lit under your ass - so you are never alone during your fitness journey. There is no juicing, starvation or boring, bland food when you join team Trejo! Fill out the contact form below to start your sustainable healthy lifestyle.



I keep my clients in top shape with boxing and heavy weight training. No day goes by without soreness, ok maybe one or two days! I create fat torching, lean muscle building programs based off of each clients capabilities, individual goal and body type. If you are ready to train like a beast and get into your best shape, fill out the contact form below.

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I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer through nasm. I am in progress in obtaining a masters in nutrition and registered dietician license. I do not provide individual meal plan services, I do no sell or endorse any supplements or prescribe supplementation. I provide a service that teaches you to be your healthiest and fittest.